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August 2020
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With apartment rentals in high-rise buildings and quiet townhouses, New York offers something for everyone.

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1 bed available

The Jersey City House

$1,390/month • Jersey City, New Jersey

4 beds available

Saint Nicholas Beautiful Shared Apartment

From $1,500/month • Brooklyn, New York

3 beds
Entire Apartment

Massive 3 Bed 2 Full Bath w Laundry 20 Min NYC

$3,291.67/month • Jersey City, New Jersey

5 beds available

2nd Ave Beautiful Shared Apartment

From $1,700/month • Manhattan, New York

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Furnished private or shared rooms in New York City

Furnished private and shared rooms

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Furnished studio and 1-bedroom apartments in New York City

Furnished studios and 1-bedroom apartments

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Furnished 2-bedroom apartments

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Furnished 3-bedroom apartments in New York City

Furnished 3-bedroom apartments

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1 bed
Entire Apartment

Chelsea Design Apartment

$3,000/month • New York, New York

2 beds
Entire Apartment

Park Avenue Studio Suite 3

$2,450/month • New York, New York

2 beds
Entire Apartment

851 4A

$2,594.67/month • Jersey City, New Jersey

2 beds
Entire Apartment

Park Avenue 1 Bedroom

$2,850/month • New York, New York

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Living in New York City

As the largest city in the US, New York City is filled with diversity, from Wall Street in the Financial District to jazz clubs in Greenwich Village to the high line in Chelsea and hip boutiques in SoHo. The city is divided into five boroughs: The Bronx, Manhattan, Brooklyn, Queens, and Staten Island. New Yorkers are known as being gruff and hardworking, and while this is true of some residents, all types of people call the city home. Local real estate is expensive, and renters quickly learn New York apartments can be very small with high per month rent.

Getting around

NYC has an extensive public transportation system with subways and buses. Subway is the quickest way to travel, and a $2.75 fair can take you throughout the city. Unlike in other cities, the yellow taxi still rules over Uber and Lyft. Driving around the city can be slow and stressful, and parking is hard to find.


New York City has true four seasons, with snowy and cold winters, warm and rainy springs, hot and humid summers, and cool and pleasant falls. It rains at least a few days a month, but plenty of days are dry. The average summer high is 82°F (27°C) and the average winter high is 42°F (5°C).

Top sights and attractions

Bright lights in Time Square

Times Square

Located in Midtown Manhattan at the intersection of Broadway and 7th Ave, Times Square is filled with theatres, tourist attractions, bright billboards, and shopping. It's a bustling place, with more than 300,000 people passing through the area each day. It's home to the famous New Year's Eve ball drop.




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