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San Francisco Loft in Potrero Hill

San Francisco, California, United States

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This Kopa for Good property helps people who have been displaced or affected by the COVID-19 pandemic.

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3 beds

2 bedrooms

1.5 bathrooms


Shared and private bedrooms in a private home

Lease terms: You must rent all 3 beds

About the space

This stylish, light-filled, fully-furnished 770 sq. foot loft features a wonderful view of San Francisco and sleeps three. There is a full bath downstairs and a half-bath upstairs. Everything included (kitchenware, sheets & pillows, etc.) - move right in. The Potrero Hill location is ideal for interns working in San Francisco or on the peninsula: - 2 blocks from three bus lines: 10 (to the train station), 19 (to downtown), and 22 (to the Mission District). - If you like to walk, it's a pleasant, scenic, and hilly 15 minute walk to the 22nd St. train station. - Short walk to the restaurants on 18th St. and in the Design District. (Goat Hill Pizza, with all you can eat Mondays, is just 2 blocks away.) - Best weather in SF. - Pleasant, friendly neighborhood with outstanding city & bay views - Safest category on the crime map ... https://www.trulia.com/real_estate/San_Francisco-California/crime/ - all furnishings (including sheets, blankets, pillows and kitchenware) - all utilities - highspeed Internet - Roku3, - NetFlix account for streaming free movies - Xbox 360 + games - Amazon Echo - HEPA Air Purifier - AND professional housecleaning once a month (A coin-op laundry is in the building, one floor down. ) Video walk-through Part 1: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JTvdrOT2zpo Video walk-through Part 2: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=La2-rVVkTXE The loft bed workstation is this: www.coasterfurniture.com/Item/320379899/46002 The desk is large enough to be shared by the two people. TO LEASE: 1. Form your group. Send me an email with the property address and the word “application” in Subject line. Copy everyone in your group. I will reply with sample blank lease for you to look at. 2. Each person in the group responds with their offer letter (or something comparable) from the company where they'll be working that term. 3. If your group is chosen, I will email each person an invoice for their portion the first month’s rent (where the full rent is divided equally by the number of tenants). Each person electronically pays $400 of that invoice. This $400 payment is a non-refundable deposit to hold the space AND a partial payment of the first month’s rent. 4. Once everyone has paid their $400 (it’s okay for someone to cover someone else), I will prepare a lease with everyone’s names, and we’ll sign it online using DocuSign.




Property Manager

Cancellation Policy

All amounts paid will be refunded if you cancel at least 45 days before your move-in date.

Note: This cancellation policy only applies if you cancel before your move-in date. Any terms in a signed agreement supersede this cancellation policy, so make sure the policy in the lease is correct before signing.


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Wifi (150 mbps)




Hair dryer




Professional cleaning

Laundry in-unit

Your Commute

Exact location provided once your request to rent is accepted and paid.

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Rohan headshot

May 2020

The apartment was exactly what was promised and more. Alex was on top of everything to make sure our stay was successful. If you are an intern or plan to stay for work in downtown, I highly recommend!
Jacob headshot

May 2018

Alex is a cool guy! Recommend living with people you know though. :") The location is great and thankfully, it is at the bottom of the hills, so you don't have to worry about the "Hills" in "Potrero Hills". Buses are nearby too. Tip: If you ever want brunch at Plow, wake up super early, put your name down, go back home to sleep and come back in an hour and a half!
Roger placeholder headshot

May 2018

Alex was a great landlord. He was very helpful and always responded in a timely manner. The place was well kept and very comfortable to live in. Overall a great experience! 5/5.
Alex headshot

October 2017

I really enjoyed staying here. The apartment is very stylish, tall ceilings and windows, and Alex is an amazing landlord. Alex was always available for support and would often ask if there was anything we needed. There were times where I would lock myself out of the apartment and Alex would arrive in no time at all to let me in. The apartment is beautiful and very classy. I loved how much sunlight would shine through. However, there are no private rooms. So if you're okay with that then this is a great place to live if you're an intern working in the city. There is a bus stop close by that goes downtown, and the neighbourhood is great. Would recommend this place to any interns about to work in the city!
Kiron headshot

May 2017

Alex was a great landlord and took care of us really well. He was super helpful, flexible and respectful. The location in Potrero Hill is really convenient - there are a ton of great restaurants and a bunch of nearby public transportation options. It's a very safe neighborhood and has a great view of the downtown skyline.
Evgeny headshot

November 2016

This place is surrounded by some of the steepest hills in the city, so be ready to develop calvs of steel and thunder thighs. The neighbourhood is very lively, with tons of restaurants and coffee shops within a block's reach (I still daydream about burritos from Papito and breakfast from Plow). Also, the loft is positioned between Mission Cliffs and Dogpatch -- arguably some of the best climbing gyms in the country. The lanlord the absolute best landlord I've ever had.
Lucas headshot

November 2016

Alex is by far the best landlord I've ever had. He's very supportive, flexible, and genuinely interested in his tenants' well-being. I haven't had any major issues with the loft but for minor things like lightbulbs, etc. Alex has responded very quickly to those requests. Regarding the location itself, the loft is in a great location in beautiful Potrero Hill. There are a variety of different restaurants nearby- I highly recommend checking out Sunflower and Chez Maman if you decide to stay here.
Jack headshot

November 2016

Alex is the best landlord you could ever ask for. I am not exaggerating in the least bit when I say that. He always has his tenants' best interests in mind, whether that means helping them out with websites they're building or offering to clean all of their blankets, without anyone even having to ask. He is always trying to find a way to improve students' experiences on co-op, and caters to individual needs, especially when it comes to move-in dates. He has been leasing to Waterloo students long enough that he knows exactly how the co-op system works. I have now been staying at this space for half a year and I have no complaints. That is why I will continue to be here next year!