Light and Airy Atrium Loft


Private room for rent

You can rent one of the bedrooms in this shared home.

Fully furnished

This space has all the furniture you’ll need for your stay.

Not pro-rated

You will be charged a full monthly cost, even if you only book partial months.

About the space

Light, airy, convenient and cute. This place is ready for you! Close to hospitals, freeway and train. And it is just a block to downtown Redwood City! Lovely master bedroom, quiet, spacious and comfy with plenty of room in the walk in closet for your personal belongings. Shared kitchen with your own private cupboard for your food items. Laundry on site. I don’t live there. This space is 100% for guests. I’m not far though, so if you need anything please ask! Downtown Redwood City is just a block away! So is the train and bus. Walk everywhere! Great activities and dining close by. Parking is on the street and it is considered very safe. Metered M-Sat from 10-6. There are free spaces across the street and more 1/2 block away.


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Property Manager





Hair dryer



Air conditioning

Laundry (in-unit)

Free street parking

Sleeping Arrangements

Bedroom xmmf51 photo thumbnail

Bedroom: Queen

Suggested rent split: $2,950/month

House Rules

  • No smoking inside.

Cancellation Policy

The security deposit will be refunded if you cancel at least 5 days before your move-in date.

Note: This cancellation policy only applies if you cancel before your move-in date. Any terms in a signed agreement supersede this cancellation policy, so make sure the policy in the lease is correct before signing.

Your Commute

Exact location provided once your request to rent is accepted and paid.


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