Spacious Bedroom with Workspace near Waterfront


Private room for rent

You can rent one of the bedrooms in this shared home. There are 2 other bedrooms in this space that renters cannot book.

Fully furnished

This space has all the furniture you’ll need for your stay.

Other occupants

The host lives in this space.

Not pro-rated

You will be charged a full monthly cost, even if you only book partial months.

About the space

Video walkthrough of our beautiful home in East Palo Alto, a 14 minute walk from the waterfront and the San Francisco Bay Trail, 7 minutes from Facebook and 3 minutes from Amazon. One parking spot on the driveway is included. Distances: Amazon EPA: 0.6 miles Facebook: 1.6 miles #281 Bus stop: 463ft Downtown Palo Alto: 2.3 miles Downtown Menlo Park: 3.8 miles The house is located in a cul-de-sac right beside University Ave in East Palo Alto with easy and fast access to Facebook, Amazon, Menlo Park, downtown Palo Alto and the 101. The house is beautifully renovated with a spacious yard with a BBQ, hardwood floors, and some awesome roommates. Roommates are in the mid-20s all working in tech nearby. The house is kept very clean (roommates take weekly turns doing chores). We're looking for someone who is also exceptionally clean and reasonably quiet (we don't mind the occasional event but no regular loud music or anything like that).



Property Manager


Wifi (150 mbps)



Laundry (in-unit)

Private driveway

Sleeping Arrangements

Bedroom s1moub photo thumbnail

Bedroom: Queen

Suggested rent split: $1,250/month

House Rules

  • Please do not wear shoes in the space.
  • No parties.
  • Please respect quiet hours from 11:00 p.m. to 8:00 a.m.
  • Weekly chore rotation shared with other roommates
  • No smoking around premises.
  • No smoking inside.
  • Do not light candles or use incense.

Your Commute

Exact location provided once your request to rent is accepted and paid.


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