Find Housemates

Come together to rent the apartment you all want.

How It Works

We created a simple and democratic way to find housemates with similar interests and lifestyles and request to rent a space together.

Find housemates or roommates
Step 1

Browse rentals that interest you.

Narrow down the places you want to live. Do you want to be in bustling downtown or in a quiet residential neighborhood? How far from work do you want to live?

Housemate preferences
Step 2

Fill out your housemate profile.

Provide information about your lifestyle, daily schedule, pet peeves, education, and work experience. You can see profiles of other people who are looking at the same places you are.

Housemate group
Step 3

Create a group to fill a space.

Browse profiles of housemates who are interested in the same space for the same time period. You can see details about potential housemates, vote people in or out of your group, ask to join other groups, and message everyone.

Claimed bedrooms
Step 4

Choose the bed for your budget.

We work with the hosts to fairly divide the price of the bedrooms so you and your housemates don’t need to split the rent yourselves.

Rent entire space
Step 5

Request to rent with your group.

After everyone claims a bed, you or someone in your group can request to rent. This will send a booking request to the host. If everything looks good to them, you’ll be accepted and have a new home with great housemates.