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Have access to lots of renters? Tell them about the best place to find their next rental. You’ll earn money and create better lives for lots of people.

Who do we partner with?

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Relocation or Moving-Related Companies

Helping renters move across town or across the country? Let’s talk!

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Placement Agencies

If you’re placing traveling professionals like nurses, consultants, or interns, you’re our crowd.

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Content Curators and Thought Leaders

Have a great blog or channel on YouTube? Earn money for each renter you bring to Kopa.

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Are you an awesome person who has enough followers to fill a stadium? Get paid for each one.

Why partner with us?

Your referral link

Easy to share

With a custom link, you can easily share with any renter in the world.

Transparent tracking

We provide a custom dashboard to each of our partners that allows you to track all your referrals and view your earnings in real-time.

Seamless signups

Kopa makes it easy to sign up and book a place, which means it’s quick for you to earn your rewards.

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